The Swimming Area

The Swimming Area2021-01-21T14:28:41+00:00

A magnet for swimmers and anyone who enjoys splashing around.

Known locally as ‘the swimming area’, the Portumna Water Recreation Park is a magnet for swimmers and anyone who enjoys splashing around. It’s a very picturesque part of the lake, with distinctive wetland reeds forming wavy shapes around the water’s edge.

It’s also a great location for birdwatching. Mallard, teal and tufted duck are on the lake all year round. In winter, enthusiasts may spot wigeon, gadwall, shoveler, pochard and goldeneye. The graceful common tern is a regular sight during the breeding season in summer. If you’re lucky, you might see white-tailed sea eagles, a kingfisher or flocks of starlings.

There’s also a designated area for fishing and a lakeside path for a gentle walk.


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Answer here.

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Is there a cafe/shop nearby?2020-12-21T13:54:54+00:00

The Swimming Area is just 5 mins away from Portumna town where there is a selection of shops and cafes.

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